‘Tomorrow’ Kingston Animation Prize Winners

I was recently a judge for the 2022 Kingston Animation Prize, a collaboration between my UK publisher, Vintage Books/Chatto & Windus, and Kingston University’s BA Illustration program. This year, the students made 30-second videos based on my novel, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (coming July 2022). Across the board, the videos were delightful, and it was quite difficult for the judges (myself, Chella Ramanan, Natasha Collie, Suzanne Dean, and Matt Broughton) to choose a winner. It was a memorable experience for me, like seeing my book through a kaleidoscope, and as an artist, I can think of nothing better than to know that the art one has made has led to the creation of more art. If you’ve already read the book, there are many details in these that should resonate.

1st Place by Huihsuan Chou, Hanna Jang, Chen Ma and Yelim Ma

2nd Place by Sasha Alfille, Marta Casagrande, Anna Glasman, Honor Kingsnorth and Molly Weeden

3rd Place by Francies Keung, Hyo Kim, Sunyoung Lee, Coco Shi and Maureen Weng

Highly Commended by Theresa Longvastøl, Amelia Redcliffe and Dharyl Usina