‘A.J. Fikry’ Movie News

Kunal Nayyar, Lucy Hale & Christina Hendricks To Star In ‘The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry’ (Deadline)

‘A.J. Fikry’ on the Hollywood Reporter Cannes Hot List (The Hollywood Reporter)

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Paramount Pictures Locks Deal for Gabrielle Zevin Novel; Temple Hill Producing (Deadline)

Selected Reviews

‘Young Jane Young’: Seeing Monica Lewinsky in a new light, thanks to novel inspired by her saga (Chicago Tribune)

‘Young Jane Young’: Monica Lewinsky, reimagined  (Washington Post)

‘Young Jane Young’ (Kirkus Reviews)

‘Elsewhere’ (New York Times Book Review)

‘The Hole We’re In’: The characters come blazingly alive in the pages of Gabrielle Zevin’s latest novel  (Entertainment Weekly)

‘The Hole We’re In’ (Publishers Weekly)

‘The Hole We’re In’: Consumed (New York Times Book Review)

‘The Hole We’re In’ (O Magazine)

‘Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac’: Who Are These People? (New York Times Book Review)

‘Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac’ (San Francisco Chronicle)

‘Conversations with Other Women’: Split-screen take on he felt/she felt: (Los Angeles Times)

‘Conversations with Other Women’: Across the Great Divide (Chicago Sun-Times)

‘Conversations with Other Women’ (Village Voice)

‘Margarettown’ (Kirkus Reviews)

Selected Interviews

The Arts as Essential Goods (Harvard Magazine)

The Secret to Marriage | With Sandra Oh (WBUR’s Modern Love Podcast)

Author Gabrielle Zevin talks about the power of books (BBC Radio 4’s Books at Bedtime)

In ‘Storied Life,’ Characters Come with a Reading List (NPR’s All Things Considered)

Trying to Fix a Hole By Digging Deeper (NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday)

Selected Essays and Criticism By Gabrielle Zevin

The Secret to Marriage Is Never Getting Married (New York Times)

An Apocalyptic Romp through the ‘Golden State’ (All Things Considered)

Love and Money in San Francisco (New York Times Book Review)

Constant Craving (New York Times Book Review)

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