I have written a new book.

The cover has been revealed over at Entertainment Weekly.

The phrase “cover reveal” amuses me. It makes me think of someone in bed, dropping a sheet for their lover.  It can only have passed into parlance in the last ten years, because as far as I know covers were not revealed until then. Covers just showed up –unsexily– in stores when the books did.

6 Replies to “I have written a new book.”

  1. Love your books! I’m a kid again, reading with eyes wide open, age 73.Thanks for the art, the labor, the imagination!

  2. Very excited about this. I have a great bookstore whose customers and book club loved your A. J. Fikrey. If you are ever in Southern Caifornia please know i would love to do an event for you. Anne Saller at Book Carnival. 714-538-3210

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