This abandoned black-and-white cat with a heart-shaped marking on her side has been named Bette Davis’ by staff at Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in Plymouth, Devon. She was handed in to the animal shelter last month looking dishevelled and emaciated after she was dumped by her previous owners. Bette is one of dozens of cats currently waiting to be re-homed at the centre. Picture: Adam Gray / SWNS.COM

 If the cover to my next book were an animal, it would be this cat.

An article by Christine Jordan at Flavorwire on rejected album covers. A long time ago, one of my books almost had a book jacket that also had a disturbing dead baby kind of thing going on.

The Real Thing: Yesterday and Today

Who knew the Beatles were so creepy-weird? Robert Whitaker took shots of the Fab Four in butchers’ outfits, covered in meat and holding chopped-up plastic baby dolls for a conceptual art piece titled A Somnambulant Adventure. They submitted it as pretty in-step with their black humor, but McCartney later revealed it was a comment on Vietnam. After some controversy, the new cover was pasted over the old.