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“It’s brilliant and hilarious, and it makes you wince in recognition — for the double-standard that relegates scandalized women to a life of shame even as their married lovers continue with their careers (and often their marriages), for the insatiable appetite we have for every last detail, for the ease and speed with which we stop seeing people as multilayered humans. It’s the sort of book that invites us to examine our long-held beliefs and perceptions. It asks us to imagine, for a moment, another perspective and delivers us the storyline to do so. It hands us characters who are at odds with one another and peels back their layers to reveal the thing they have in common. It has a heart. And a spine. It’s exactly, I would argue, what we need more of right now.” —Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune

Washington Post 50 Notable Works of Fiction for 2017, Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction of 2017, Chicago Public Library Best Books of 2017, an Indie Next Pick, People Magazine Book of the Week, Library Reads #1 Pick for August, Winner of the Southern Book Prize, Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Fiction

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