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At the moment, I am rethinking where I want to be online. I am on Pinterest (rarely), Facebook (occasionally), Instagram (equally occasionally). I quit Tumblr but I’m trying to be a more active Goodreads user.  I deactivated my Twitter account, forgot to reactivate it, and now it is there, but completely empty. Should I put anything there? I don’t know. 2018 is going to be the year I figure this out!


In the meantime, why not take a moment to enjoy this photograph of my dog in a hat?

6 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Hi Gabrielle! Omg I can’t believe I am actually writing to you. Your book elsewhere is my favorite book!!! I was just wondering, because this bothers me whenever I read the book, is Zoe Liz’s mom at the end of the book? Please respond and email me. You probably won’t get this though. You are my favorite author and my biggest inspiration. Thanks! I really need to know. I have been telling all of my friends about this book and they are in love with it too! Take care, Payton

    1. Hi Payton, OMG yourself! I am, of course, delighted to hear that Elsewhere is your favorite book. … Would you believe that in the eight years since the book came out, no one has ever asked your question? And now to answer it! You are very clever, and I certainly believe the dates would work out for Zooey to be Liz’s mom. However, I don’t tell the reader anything about Liz’s next life in the text because I don’t want the reader to know anything about it. I want the reader to be able to imagine that Liz could be born to anyone, anywhere, and could go on to do anything. (I sometimes wonder if it was even too much information to say the baby had been born female.) Thanks again for writing, reading, and for telling all your friends to read the book! Yours, Gabrielle

  2. Hey Gabrielle. I chose you for one of the biggest projects of my eighth grade year, an in depth author study. You were always on top of my list because I enjoy your style and creativeness of writing.
    The following questions are involved in my project and I would appreciate it dearly if you could respond with the answers;

    Were there any historical events that helped shape why you wrote about a particular topic and/or themes?
    Were there any social influences (people, events, education) that helped shape why you wrote about a particular topic and/or themes or patterns?
    How did the your professional career help shape why you wrote about particular topic and/or these themes or patterns?
    Were there any personal perspectives and experiences that helped shape why you wrote about a particular topic and/or themes or patterns?
    You do not need to answer all of them. It’s out of experience I guess.
    I’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much ❤
    -Mia Brenner

  3. Hi Gabrielle, I really enjoyed your book Elsewhere from beginning to end. What an interesting premise! I especially liked the S.S. Nile and the idea of having eternims as currency in the afterlife. It also makes so much sense that people age backwards in Elsewhere — they wouldn’t get any older on Earth anyhow. And it was really funny to see my name in a book — I had no idea I was a clerk for the Observation Decks in Elsewhere! 🙂

    The one thing that’s been bothering me, though, is that, regarding Liz’s accident, the story is that she was on her bicycle and didn’t wear a helmet or look both ways before crossing the street, yet there’s one point (page 62, I think) where it says “Her collarbone feels tender where the seat belt pulled against it in last night’s crash.” I’m just kind of confused — was she in the car or on her bike? Or was that from the dream she had on her first night there? (Technically, it doesn’t really matter, because she would have ended up in Elsewhere either way, but I was curious.)

    All the best, Esther

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