Win’s Acronym & a Few Notes on My Book Tour

Win’s Acronym & a Few Notes on My Book Tour

I’ve been on book tour for The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry and indeed, I’m still on book tour! Come see me at an event if you have an evening.

Many amazing things have happened to me on this book tour, and when I have a moment to catch my breath, I plan to write about a few of them. I think of the many babies in baskets I have encountered (and the one cat in a basket), the spectacular islands of Washington, the Fikry-reading Sasquatch in Anacortes, etc., etc. I have bought more books than I will be able to read in my lifetime, been stuffed with pie, lefse, cupcakes, Orca-shaped cookies, and love, seen numerous friends, chatted with booksellers of every taste and constitution (quite a few A.J. Fikrys, as is probably to be expected), met readers ranging in age from toddlers to 80+,  and yes, visited twenty or thirty bookstores, each delightful in her own way. (I do not know that I will ever tire of visiting a new bookstore.) And the tour is not quite half finished!

However, the reason I write you tonight is because of an event I did earlier this week at Books Inc. in Alameda, CA. A reader handed me a letter along with a bar of admirably dark chocolate. The letter concerns the Anya Balanchine books, and it answers a question that many of you have been asking me for months (and that I have promised to answer for months): namely, what DOES Win’s acronym mean in In the Age of Love and Chocolate? She was VERY close — all but three words. My corrections are in black ink. 


@gabriellezevin is forever in my life. This is my favorite quote from Margarettown. #gabriellezevin #margarettown

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at Margarettown, which came out in March of 2005 to excessively modest fanfare. I certainly did not think the next time I’d be reading it was on a lovely lady’s shoulder. 


By no means is it Curtis Jest’s best performance, nor is it his finest moment as a songwriter. The lyrics are (it must be said) rather trite, mainly about the transformative powers of love. In truth, most love songs are exactly the same way.
-Gabrielle Zevin, Elsewhere

Been a long time since I’ve thought about Curtis Jest. Nice to see him again. 

Zoë Alder, a reader from the UK, wrote me today to say she had named her brand new salon for my book, Elsewhere! How picturesque is that sign? Anyhow, if you’re in the Oxford area, please go and take a picture for me. And get your hair cut, too.

“A Beautiful Mess,” a painted Elsewhere-themed entry by Rachel Wheeler for the Because It Is My Blood contest.

Seemed like a cheerful thing to post on this briefly rainy Thursday in Los Angeles.

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