The latest from Dear Writer. Say, why not write us a letter yourself? And while I’m making requests, you really should check out Carolyn Mackler’s excellent contribution to the Dear Bully anthology. 


Dear Carolyn, What gets you to respond to a reader’s letter? (And the reverse – what makes you not respond?) I’m so bad about replying to reader mail that sometimes it seems hopeless to even start. This one caught my eye because it’s rare to get an actual “old school” typewriter page. I also liked the breezy writing style and colorful vocabulary. XO, Gabrielle P.S. I read your chapter in DEAR BULLY while waiting to do an event at Vroman’s in Pasadena. It was wonderful.

“All These Things I’ve Done” on The Big Idea

Love John Scalzi’s blog. “The Big Idea” features writers talking about how they got the ideas for their books.

Here’s an excerpt from my post:

All These Things I’ve Done is an organized crime family saga that takes place in a near future where chocolate is illegal. The book has the semi-misfortune of being smacked across the face with the dystopian label, because people like to call things dystopian without, or so it seems to me, more than a hazy notion of what that means.  (I recently saw a pair of shoes described in catalog copy as having a “dystopian finish.” I took this to mean “distressed” and/or looking like something that Helena Bonham Carter might wear. But I digress again.)

(Seriously people, I promise that All These Things I’ve Done isn’t a dystopia.)

“All These Things I’ve Done” on The Big Idea

a synopsis of Conversations with Other Women in a series of dazzling gifs

Roughly a million years ago, I wrote the screenplay for this movie.


watched “Conversations with other Women” again

I saw them again: meeting


finding out that they changed

and I…I cried again like this


and I don’t know why I think it’s so sad..^^

I love the movie, could watch it over and over again