Is there going to be a third book in the All These Things I’ve Done series because I need to know How her buissness goes, what scarlet names the baby, if win is still mad at her,when leos wedding is going to be, if noriko learns english, how fats is doing with the buissiness, if theos ok, what natty learns at genius camp, if anya goes to college, and much much more.

The third book is called In the Age of Love and Chocolate, and it publishes at the end of October. Every single one of these questions is answered. But the story is really about what happens when someone who has always been incredibly strong finds herself in a position where she has to ask for help. The story is about being mistaken, and how a person can be both super smart and super wrong. The story is about recognizing how much real beauty and sweetness there is in life. The story is about love in its right time, and about the women who want more than love out of life. The story is not a dystopia—my darlings, it never was.

It’s my favorite of the series, and I think even some of you who didn’t read or like the other two books might enjoy this one.

P.S. To answer one of your questions… Scarlet’s baby is a boy, and my editor named him. I wanted a name that wasn’t one I would choose myself. He’s called Felix, which means happiness.


poem for the heroine of a young adult novel

A girl in a town

—no one gets her—

meets a boy in a town

who does.

Throw in another boy


or someone

not quite human,

and she thinks

the world might end.


You want to tell her:

despite a few close calls,

the world hasn’t ended yet.

And someday you will 

leave this town,

read Anaïs Nin,

cut your hair.

In five years, perhaps less,

you won’t remember

any of this, I swear.

—Gabrielle Zevin

answers to your questions about book the third

Updated: 5/11/2013

At some point I’ll write a longer post about the title change and what it means. 

Things to know:

1) there are two funerals.

2) and at least an equal number of weddings.

3) the story takes place in new york, japan, and two other significant locations that haven’t been visited before.

4) you might be angry at Anya and at me when you read the book. The book is very different from the books that preceded it. 

5) I hope you’ll leave the story asking the following questions: what does it mean to be a feminist? is Anya Balanchine a feminist? how do her childhood and her environment influence the choices she makes as an adult? why do you think she makes the choices she makes? is Anya Balanchine a good person?  (We can discuss these issues somewhere, and I promise to tell you what I think if you want to know.)

6) But I am getting ahead of myself.

7) The book comes out in September October. The title is In the Days of Death and Chocolate In the Age of Love and Chocolate,and observant readers will note that this title completes the sentence begun by the previous two book titles.

I absolutely love your book All These Things I’ve Done. Like, i’m so obsessed i’m going to be purchasing the hardcover copy so I can keep it forever. And then I did some research to find out if you had written a sequel and by the grace of God you have. I almost cried when I found out. So i’ll be ordering that too. Just, ah. I absolutely love your books, honestly. Please, if writing makes you happy DON’T EVER STOP. You’re amazing and I actually plan to read them until I can memorize them. :) <3 U

Thank you so much! So incredibly happy to hear from you. How can I not I approve of plans to a) buy my books in hardcover and b) commit them to memory?

Writing does make me happy. Smart readers make me happy, too. 

XO, Gabrielle

Because It Is My Blood Favorite Blogger Roundup, Part One

I’ve had a rather nice couple of weeks. My just completed adult book, The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry, recently sold to Simon and Schuster in the US and has already closed ten foreign rights deals. I’m super proud of this book and I’ll tell you more about it as we get closer to the pub date, Spring 2014. Fikry will be my eighth published novel — hard to believe — and it will be published precisely ten years after I sold my first novel, Elsewhere.

Onto the bloggers! I am incredibly appreciative of all the bloggers who have written kind and intelligent words about Because It Is My Blood. If I could send you all a verrine from my favorite Los Angeles bakery, Bottega Louis, I would. (Verrines don’t do that well in the mail, unfortunately.) 

Let us begin with Birth of a New Witch, who totally gets it: 

…I love this world, these characters, and this series….“Because It Is My Blood” is not for the dystopian crowd that demands constant action and ridiculous love triangles, but instead, I’d say it’s a quieter, sneakier, and more thoughtful book than many of the YA dystopian books out there at the moment. This one will sneak up on you when you least expect it and hit you right in the feels. There was so much in this one I wasn’t expecting, and it was a pleasant surprise.

She also mentions “the sort-of metaphor for chocolate being equivalent to marijuana the way it is now with medical dispensaries” — it’s funny how few people have noted this, but yes, that indeed is what I was thinking. 

In an incredibly smart review, The Book Rat writes a great many insightful things about Anya, Win and the series. I was most intrigued by this paragraph: 

I REALLY loved where this went with Charles Delacroix. I don’t want to risk spoiling anything, but it actually went where I was hoping it would go, and even though I was expecting it, it was still really nice to see it happen (but also unsettling). A lot of YA authors wouldn’t have dared. And while we’re being cryptic – the same is true with Kipling/Yuji, etc. Zevin didn’t pull punches with the relationships, and they had me feeling all turmoily and anxious and FEELS.  I’m curious to see where things stand in the future in with all of the characters/relations, as many are very open and very tenuous. But I loved the handling for now. It was very adult, very unforgiving, and yet another sign of Anya’s development that I both liked and bought.

The Insatiable Reader calls Because It Is My Blooda fabulous follow up to all the greatness that was introduced in book one.” The part of her review that made me laugh out loud: “Honestly Win, the road was clear for you!  Lighten up on the ‘leave it behind business’, get on the ‘yay chocolate’ bus, and step up to the plate already!” Oh, IR, I cannot wait to read what you make of Book Three! 

High praise from Minion’s Review, who reports that “she may may now like [Anya] more than Katniss!”, and closes her review by writing, “I’ve always felt that The Godfather was the perfect film and it looks to me from the two books so far in the Birthright series that it may become the perfect Young Adult book…I CANNOT wait for the third book.” I cannot wait for you to read it either because book three is my absolute favorite in the series. 

Ex Libris Kate gives the book 5 out of 5 birds and makes several salient points about Anya’s character:

Anya is almost selfish in her desire to keep bad news and situations from those she loves; not wanting to expose them to harm, she ends up shutting out the very people she needs.  This extends to Win, as well, who is just as charming and appealing as ever.  The irony of this situation, that Anya would alienate the very people she loves and wants to protect, is not lost on her and her funny, quirky and honest voice is, again, the perfect narrator for this story.

Amber at The Reading Addict writes more things I want people to write about Anya’s character: “Anya is an incredible character. I’d forgotten how utterly awesome this protagonist is. She’s headstrong, brave, self-sacrificing, everything I admire in a lead character. Her love for her family and friends is evident as she takes great lengths to protect them from her corrupt family and ruthless enemies….I pitied and respected her, even when I didn’t agree with her decisions.” Princess Bookie concurs: “Oh, Anya, how I love you as a character. You are so strong and smart.”

Over at Book Brats, Megan writes that “I read the last 200 pages in one sitting, hooked and desperate to know more. And now that book two is over, I am salivating for book three.” Megan also writes that she “hopes Theo is there.” He will be and he is important, I promise.

In a delightfully Yuji Ono centric review, Aeropapers is rooting for — what else? — more Yuji Ono in book three: “If they are fighting and forming teams with Theo’s and Win’s banner. I got my flag raised with Yuji’s name on it.” Aeropapers, there will be A LOT of Yuji Ono in book three. I don’t even know if you will  be able to handle how much Yuji Ono is coming at you. 

At Michelle and Lesley Book Picks, chelleyreads reports that she “LOVED” Because It Is My Blood. She also observes of Win and Anya’s romance, “But when the romance was brought up, it continued to be lovely and sweet. Although not the most heroic love interest, Win continued to be a great companion for Anya (companion, as in it’s Anya, and her alone, who is carrying the series—another thing I like about it)….He and Anya are one of my favorite YA couples.” Chelleyreads, this is so true. Win is a “companion”; Anya is the show. The series is not a book about a girl who falls in love with a boy. 

Let’s hop over to Teenreads, where Norah Piehl, who is not really a blogger, remains as sympathetic a reader as ever:

Anya’s flaws are what make her a complicated, thoroughly human character, one whom readers will enjoy continuing to try to understand. Anya, who often tries to do the right thing but fails, who genuinely wrestles with huge moral dilemmas, who wonders continually about the role of heredity and upbringing on her own character and on her future, is hardly perfect, but she is believable. Readers will love her, flawed as she is.”

Finally, we have the perceptive Miss Print, whose reviews I always enjoy: “Zevin keeps the story original with her surprising turns and Anya’s wry, eloquent narration. Readers will also notice Anya’s continued growth as she moves out from her dead father’s shadow (and advice) to begin making her own decisions.” You can also read Miss Print’s interview with me here

Finally, finally, the novelist/blogger Presenting Lenore gives Because It Is My Blood her coveted Zombie Merit Chicken Badge for Writing and writes that Anya seems like an “old friend.”

Thanks again, everyone! I know it takes a long time to read these books and write these reviews and that most of you do it just for the money. I’m kidding! You do it for the love. Thank you for the love and the smarts.

P.S. I only got through about a third of the reviews I could have excerpted here before this post started to become unwieldy. Part two coming in a couple of weeks, I promise

P.P.S. Obligatory reminder that I have a contest up with a pathetically small number of entries and a ridiculously high number of prizes. Chances to win = very good. Come and enter. 

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(wednesday narcissism no. 12)

i was wondering what is going to be the name of the third book out of the birthright series? and when is that book coming out?

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to reveal the third title yet. But I can tell you that it will continue the sentence begun by the other two titles: All these things I’ve done/because it is my blood… The book should be out fall 2013.