The Art of the Backhand and/or My Meager Gifts


books that make me cry

no matter how many times i read them


memoirs of a teenage amnesiac

Neither of them are very good, but they’re by the same author so I guess she has a talent for that sort of thing.

This is what we in the business call a backhanded compliment. At this point in my life, I am in the habit of accepting compliments of all varieties.

On a semi-related note, I am considering wearing tennis whites for my entire book tour this fall.

adventures in self-googling #3: lip gloss

Apparently, Swedish Memoirs comes with lip gloss.

Although I can’t say for certain, I believe that this is my first book to come with cosmetic freebies.

(P.S. Anyone know the translation of Jag minns inte varför jag älskar dig?)

Thanks to all (and by all, I mean, readers Laura, Sara, and my mom) who wrote (despite the fact that I turned off comments) to say that the Swedish title translates to I Don’t Remember Why I Love You. Sara intriguingly reports that there is no Swedish word for AMNESIAC. I find myself wondering what they call Amnesia in Sweden? Perhaps, the Disease of Forgetting Which Happens Rarely in Life But Often as Plot Contrivance in Popular Entertaiments?

The Seven Deadly Sins and Me, Part 1 of 7: Vanity, and/or The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me on the Internet, and/or The Writing Life #3

Curl up, Readers, it’s about to get Very, Very Serious here at the blog formerly known as The Reluctant Blogger — the writer (“Me”) is about to teach the reader (“You”) A Brief but Very Important Lesson about Vanity.

Once upon a time, I liked to visit my Wikipedia page. One of those times, someone had replaced my entire biography with the sentence “I like to eat poop.” (Ah, Wikipedia, you know me so well...) I don’t visit Wikipedia anymore.*

*Except for really important research that I know will be totally unbiased and factual.

Adventures in Self-Googling #2: Playmobil Elsewhere

I’m not sure who deserves credit — it’s tagged Evanston Public Library on — but someone has craftily recreated Elsewhere using Playmobil people and other sundries.

Liz gets hit by a truly terrifying ceramic taxi.

The SS Nile.

Cruel Irony — Liz is given driving lessons in the same vehicle that killed her!

The Well.

View the whole thing: