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Coming October 29, 2013: In the Age of Love and Chocolate


From the publisher:

“It takes nothing, save a spot of courage, to kiss a pretty teenager at a high school dance. It takes nothing to say you love a person when she is perfect and her mistakes can be dealt with in a ten-minute confession.”

All These Things I’ve Done introduced us to timeless heroine Anya Balanchine, a plucky sixteen year old with the heart of a girl and the responsibilities of a grown woman. Now she is eighteen, and her life has been more bitter than sweet. She has lost her parents and her grandmother, and has spent the better part of her high school years in trouble with the law. Perhaps hardest of all, her decision to open a nightclub with her old nemesis Charles Delacroix has cost Anya her relationship with Win.

Still, it is Anya’s nature to soldier on. She puts the loss of Win behind her and focuses on her work. Against the odds, the nightclub becomes an enormous success, and Anya feels like she is on her way and that nothing will ever go wrong for her again. But after a terrible misjudgment leaves Anya fighting for her life, she is forced to reckon with her choices and to let people help her for the first time in her life.

In the Age of Love and Chocolate is the story of growing up and learning what love really is. It showcases the best of Gabrielle Zevin’s writing for young adults: the intricate characterization of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac and the big-heartedness of Elsewhere. It will make you remember why you loved her writing in the first place.

Also available in audiobook from Macmillan Audio. Read by Ilyana Kadushin.

International Editions

All These Things I’ve Done


Because It Is My Blood




Read by Ilyana Kadushin.

“Narrator Ilyana Kadushin perfectly captures Anya’s character, providing the heroine with a voice that sounds young and vulnerable, but strong-willed.”—Publishers Weekly


Read by Ilyana Kadushin.

“Ilyana Kadushin dives right back in as the perfect Anya – seemingly emotionless and cool on the surface but a true teen in consciousness and delivery.”—AudioFile

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25 thoughts on “Anya Balanchine

  1. I really like this book (in french, La Mafia du chocolat) but i can’t remember the name of Anya’s mother. Could you help me ?

  2. i’m from germany and i really love this series ! I already read the first two books but now I can’t figure out when the third part will appear. Can you tell me when it’s gonna be released here in germany ?? I can not wait..

    1. I believe it will come out sometime in 2014, though I am not sure if a date has been set yet! (I was late delivering the third book, which throws the schedule of the German publisher a bit.) Thanks very much for reading! Yours,

  3. I really love this series! I read it in about a week. Are you planning on writing a fourth book because I really want to know what happens between Win and Anya. I want to know what happens to Natty, too. The third book was so great. With every that happened with Leo. You’re a really great author. I cried while reading these books. Thank you for writing them!!

  4. Hi, I’m a new reader from South Africa, I read All These Things I’ve Done in a day, now I’m stuck, I can’t seem to locate Because It Is My Blood or In The Age of Love and Chocolate this side of the world. I’m an avid reader and my OCD is kicking in being unable to complete reading your amazing trilogy! The books might reach my shore in 2082! Is there any way I could get the books from you directly? Many thanks for taking time to read my little rant, kindest regards N

  5. This series has broken my heart and mended it again, many time over. Thanks for writing such a beautiful story.

  6. Wow. This series was so, so EVERYTHING. It was fantastic and frustration and beautiful and romantic and just simply everything at once. As much as I’d love for there to be 347458954897430 more books, I’m incredibly satisfied with this ending. (or is it? ^-*) Anyway I just loved this so much! PLEASE MS. ZEVIN, WRITE ANOTHER SERIES!! I BEG!

  7. I love this series! Are you writing another book for this series or was ”the age of love and chocolate” the last one?

    1. Happy to hear that! It’s the last one, and I feel that Anya’s story is concluded emotionally. I have no plans at this time to write another Anya book. However, life is long and unpredictable. Not all the major players are dead, and so in theory, I could revisit her someday. Where there is life, there is hope.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ll copy my answer from above.

      I feel that Anya’s story is concluded emotionally. I have no plans at this time to write another Anya book. However, life is long and unpredictable. Not all the major players are dead, and so in theory, I could revisit her someday. Where there is life, there is hope.

  8. I read All These Things I’ve Done in two days. I read it because a recommendation from my school librarian. When I finished it, I got the next two books as soon as I got back to school. I read Because It Is My Blood in one day and started (and finished) In The Age Of Love And Chocolate the next day. I loved all three books and they are some of my favorite books I’ve read. They were original and unlike anything I have ever read. I was hoping there would be another book, but based on what I’ve read on the other comments, you are not planning on writing any other books. Although it makes sense to not write more books about Anya, her story is almost over but I hope you will maybe think of other things that could happen and write another book about Anya’s life. 🙂

  9. Hello I was wondering if you could write a 4th book I would love to read it. I am in love with the series and feel that you should write what happens next in Anya Balachine life!

    Ps. I’m in love with Win he is the boyfriend every girl dreams of!

    1. Thank you very much! I doubt I ever will revisit Anya, though honestly, I wouldn’t mind knowing what happened to her either. Does she become a mother? Does she marry Win? Does she survive that trip to Russia? Though I also feel fine about where I have left Anya — as her author, I believe she has learned what she needed to learn (namely how to love and be loved), and I think that’s a sign that I don’t need to write any more books about her.

      1. I was thinking you should write another trilogy about Natty. It could start at Win and Anya’s wedding and her struggle to get over her crush on Win… but then she finds a new boyfriend. Or something. It’s just an idea but I think Natty is a great character and deserves her own story.

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