Young Jane Young Abroad

Last year, six or so weeks before #metoo, I published a book about the importance of hearing women’s stories. It has been a little over a year since Young Jane Young came out, and a lot has changed and sometimes it seems like nothing has changed. But that’s pessimism! A lot has changed. Here are some of the jackets from around the world.





6 thoughts on “Young Jane Young Abroad

  1. Loved the Book! Looking forward to the next one. Love the variety of your stories. It’s always a surprise what’s going to be next.

    1. Hi Christiane! I very much appreciate this comment as I don’t think everyone does like the surprise… I sometimes get the sense they wish I would just settle down and do one thing. But my favorite thing about writing is the adventure — I like to throw myself into a place I haven’t been before, with people I haven’t yet met.

  2. until now, I feel the same way about your event. It makes me confused….
    Somehow, I think we are s~o similar, maybe because you are a talented writer and always see through things. lol Waiting for you new book~ Good day(night?)!

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