Texts with Friends: Tauntauns, Ton-Tons, and The Killing Jar

My friend Jenn has a book out today, and we texted about it.

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Jenn’s new book, The Killing Jar, is out today, and I will be going to her LA book launch at The Last Bookstore this Saturday, if you want to hang out with us.


1) There is a Ton-Ton on the Jordanian version of Sesame Street (and not the Japanese one). He is the mustard colored one below.


2) Also, this is my bitmoji:





5 thoughts on “Texts with Friends: Tauntauns, Ton-Tons, and The Killing Jar

  1. Gabriel
    The bookclub loved your book AJ Frikry. I’m the only male in the Eight member group. E A Poe, AJ and the cop I could relate to well. The ending was great. Looking forward to your next book. Thanks Ron

    1. Gabrielle,
      Who are you? How many adolescents do you think you are reaching? You NEED TO REACH as MANY AS YOU CAN. I feel this overwhelming feeling that THEY NEED YOU.

    2. Our library that serves Allentown, NJ (pop 3,000) and outlying township Upper Freehold Twp (7000) is launching our first One Town One Book with AJ Frikry. We wanted you to know!

  2. I was bored so I went to Target and picked up The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry at random. I am so glad I did! I love everything about it — the characters, the setting and, of course, the story itself. Thank you for this marvelous book! By the way, your picture in the book makes you look like a mischievous elf! Adorable!

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