An Interview about In the Age of Love and Chocolate over at YA Romantics


It’s my favorite blog interview I’ve given in a while not to mention the only blog interview I’ve done about In the Age of Love and Chocolate.  The interview also answers many of the questions readers have been e-mailing me about the book.  And if that isn’t enough, there’s still time for you to win *signed* hardcover copies of All These Things I’ve Done and Because It Is My Blood.

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An excerpt from the interview below:


I’m so excited (and a little sad) that In the Age of Love and Chocolate, the final book in your fantastic Birthright trilogy, is coming out in October 2013. Did the book have a title change, because I’ve also seen it listed as In the Days of Death and Chocolate.


Thank you, and I’m so glad you like the series. The truth about the title change is that I wrote two entirely different books for the last book. The first time I wrote the book it was called In the Days of Death and ChocolateThat version was pretty deep into the publishing process when I began to have a recurring, waking dream about Anya Balanchine. I kept having this fear that I would run into her and that she was mad at me. At first I tried to ignore her, but after a while, I couldn’t. I was at a party, and I actually thought I saw her across the room! That was a Saturday. On Sunday, I called my editor and I might have cried a little bit and I asked her if I could write the book again. She said yes, and now Anya Balanchine isn’t angry with me anymore…

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