answers to your questions about book the third

Updated: 5/11/2013

At some point I’ll write a longer post about the title change and what it means. 

Things to know:

1) there are two funerals.

2) and at least an equal number of weddings.

3) the story takes place in new york, japan, and two other significant locations that haven’t been visited before.

4) you might be angry at Anya and at me when you read the book. The book is very different from the books that preceded it. 

5) I hope you’ll leave the story asking the following questions: what does it mean to be a feminist? is Anya Balanchine a feminist? how do her childhood and her environment influence the choices she makes as an adult? why do you think she makes the choices she makes? is Anya Balanchine a good person?  (We can discuss these issues somewhere, and I promise to tell you what I think if you want to know.)

6) But I am getting ahead of myself.

7) The book comes out in September October. The title is In the Days of Death and Chocolate In the Age of Love and Chocolate,and observant readers will note that this title completes the sentence begun by the previous two book titles.