Hey Gabrielle! I’m a huge fan of your book All These Things I’ve Done, and I saw that you’d be answering questions in le ask box this week, so here’s three: 1) How was your college experience? 2) Favorite brand of clothing? 3) Greek tragedy or detective novel?

Thanks very much!

Re: My College Experience — I have nothing terribly original to say about this matter, I suspect. I knew I wanted to be a writer before I went to college, but the truth is, college made me a writer. It exposed me to books beyond what I would have read on my own and ideas beyond what I would have thought on my own. I did not care for college much while I was in it, but that is because I was young and silly.

By the way, I was fortunate to be able to attend a fancy college though what I really believe is that a great education can be procured at many places and in many ways.

Re: Favorite brand of clothing.

I have no brand loyalty. I like what I like. I like vintage, too. That said, I am very into this season’s Valentino collection. (Sadly, I am priced out.)

Re: Greek tragedy or detective novel?

Have I been hoping someone would ask me this my entire life?

Greek tragedy because it’s the source of all story. The detective novel is a relatively young genre. (Semi-related aside: A couple of years ago, I read all of Sherlock Holmes — it’s interesting to see the ways in which Arthur Conan Doyle is the root of ALL modern police television procedurals. There would be no Law and Order or CSI without Conan Doyle.)