(more Tuesday hijinks on Monday after an extended absence from the hijinks scene; it is not that I have had no hijinks, but perhaps that the spring has been altogether too hijinksical to even be reported)

tuesday hijinks, no. 9: scenes from the Rochester Teen Book Festival. I wish I could send my teenage self a time machine so I could go to this thing.

1. Cat Patrick, my co-presenter for the weekend. Forgotten is about to become my go-to recommend for teens. Ask her about the sign language troop she was in. Seriously, ask her.

2. I’d say that a handmade “Holden Caulfield thinks you’re a phony” t-shirt is just about the perfect thing to wear to a teen book festival.

3. Handmade book earrings. These Rochester Teen Book Festival attendees are seriously crafty.

4. Gran Torino. The authors were driven in classic cars to the event, and I’d really prefer to always be driven to events this way. The driver’s name I have forgotten, but he was a former shop teacher and an excellent guide. The profile belongs to James Kennedy, who travels with a tuxedo and is the shyest writer you will ever meet.

4. A.S. King & Squid. I liked the both of them immediately.

5. My answer was “A Kitten.” Melissa Walker’s answer was “Grace Kelly.” What was the question?

6. The majestic head of Terry Trueman.

7. Jack Ferraiolo will kill you with his star. (I lost mine somewhere, by the way, but that is the way with stars.)

Thanks to all the incredible volunteers at the Rochester Teen Book Festival. This event somehow concentrates all that is good about writing for teenagers into a single day. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I am photographically-challenged.

P.S. I’ll be signing bright and early at BEA tomorrow for anyone who’s around.