Thanks to Word Bookstore, my intimate Facebook friend, Jenn Northington, and everyone who came out last night. I’m talking to YOU – Mom & Dad (Happy 42nd Anniversary), Hans, Janine, Jean, Elizabeth, Liz, Eileen, Emily, Wes, Callum (Happy Birthday!), Samiah, Doug, Madeleine, Genna, Rachael the Book Muncher, Carolyn (check her out on NPR), Sarah with an H, Jessie from Remarkable Reads and her mother and her sister, Alecia (whose debut novel The Queen of Kentucky comes out early next year), Alison, Lisa from Woozles in Nova Scotia, Andrew Futral (who is a genius; everyone with ears should go buy albums by The Age of Rockets and Field Mouse), Kwesi, Lisa GW, Dave, Aleah, Rebecca, the Square Fish lady with the pug named Olive(?), and anyone else I might be forgetting or anyone who I didn’t get to meet personally (why didn’t you come up to me? I think I saw a Brooklyn lady writer, and a blogger or two… I realize that by naming names here I risk alienating those I do not name. Please do not take offense. I’m going to get a guestbook the next time I do an event. I like knowing who came though usually “who came” can be counted on one hand, a number exclusive enough that the vast guestbook of my mind suffices.) In any case, I strongly felt the home field advantage. And, being that I am not J.K. Rowling, I appreciate every single person who braved the deluge and the multiple trains involved to come out to Greenpoint. Especially given that many of you have already heard my stories. Writing books is lonely. Publishing books is challenging for all involved, I know. Company is a very good thing. 

Thanks also to everyone who celebrated with me by remote: Stuart, Simon, my online friends and colleagues from Austin to Australia, and especially my friend, Megan McCafferty – a very happy 10th anniversary to Sloppy Firsts.

Photos courtesy of my mom, Hans, and Genna Sarnak