I received a finished book of All These Things I’ve Done today. When I looked under the jacket, I found an amazing surprise! To my utter delight, the book is embossed to look like a Balanchine Special Dark chocolate bar. Seriously, the finished version is so much better than the ARC. These photos don’t do it justice. I know everything seems to be heading electronic lately, but this kind of charming production detail is one of the things I absolutely love about paper books and especially hardcovers.

Since I had the old iPhone out, I also took a picture of the epigraph of the book, which comes from my second favorite (and supposedly Dickens’ favorite) Dickens’ novel, David Copperfield… From the earliest moment I was writing the book, I intended it to be a Dickensian family saga. For the record, Dickensian was the only D-word in my head — certainly not that other D-word* that gets bandied about so much.


*I speak of dystopia.