Reading! In Brooklyn! At Word!

Though I have considered moving there several times a week for roughly the last eleven years, I believe the last time I was actually in Brooklyn was to see Robert Wilson’s Dream Play at BAM. Good stuff. Anyhow, it’s going to take me at least two subway lines to get to the venue (sadly, this means I will be wearing sensible, subway-riding shoes), so I hope at least a couple of you will make it out. If you’re a writer (pub’d or pre-pub’d), I believe you can still e-mail Russ about reading with me. Reading details below:

JWOMN at WORD: Just Working On My Novel with Gabrielle Zevin

Start: Fri, 06/25/2010 – 7:30pm
End: Fri, 06/25/2010 – 9:00pm

“Just Working On My Novel”: the bi-monthly new works critique series with alcohol, now a year old, is moving to WORD. This month features “The Hole We’re In” author Gabrielle Zevin

Lauren Conrad wrote a novel. Then she wrote another. That’s 2 novels, completed, finished, in the bag. If Laguna Beach’s LC can do it, anyone can, and that’s what “Just Working On My Novel” is here for. Conceived by publicist/social media person/friend of WORD Russ Marshalek after he realized that everyone, ever, is always “just working on their novels”, JWOMN has evolved into a bi-monthly curated new works reading series with published author hosts for each installment. Readings of all shapes and sizes occur, with only 2 stipulations:

1) All readings must be NO longer than 10 minutes.
2) All readings must be previously unpublished.

Please note: You do not need to sign up ahead of time – join us for this “literary open mic”! Having hosted such talent as Emily Mandel, Jami Attenberg, Hyatt Bass and hip-hop legend Jean Grae (reading from both published and unpublished pieces!), June’s “Just Working On My Novel”, the first in its new home at WORD Brooklyn, boasts the esteemed Gabrielle Zevin, author of (most recently) “The Hole We’re In” from Grove Press/Black Cat…and maybe you.

What you’ll do: Find something to read. Something that you’re working on. Something that needs to see the light of day. It can be fiction or non-fiction, essay or story. Something that hasn’t been published. Make sure it’s 10 minutes or less. Email Russ ( to secure your sign-up spot.

What Gabrielle will do: JWOMN is honored and thrilled to have, for June’s author, Gabrielle Zevin. Having penned a myriad of titles for both adults and their younger counterparts, Gabrielle released “The Hole We’re In” this year to massive critical acclaim. It’s a powerful story of a modern family’s slow unraveling, and frankly it’s better than “The Corrections”. Gabrielle will read both from ‘The Hole We’re In” AND from an unpublished work. That’s right-this is a chance to hear a modern literary talent read from her incredible novel AND from something entirely new. Gabrielle will sign books after.

Don’t have something to read? Come, have some wine (there will be wine), listen to the new National record (it’ll probably be playing in WORD before the event if Russ gets his way) and listen to some powerhouse storytelling talent, new works, and the amazing Gabrielle Zevin.

“Just Working On My Novel”-should we call it “Just WORDking On My Novel” now? Yes, we think so!
Facebook RSVP encouraged.

126 Franklin St
Brooklyn, New York 11222-2002