Miscellany Bonanza: Starring a Ridiculous Picture of My Dog in a Hat

“My Dog in a Hat”

Also, a nifty feature in the Chicago Tribune where a reader reviews The Hole We’re In.

And finally, an agreeably prickly quote on criticism from Graydon Carter in the NY Times Book Review‘s review of Martin Amis’s new novel:

“Writing, remember, is the only art in which the creator is publicly judged by people who do precisely the same thing, but as a rule less well.”*

*I assume this may be a reference to a different quote that was in Martin Amis’s memoir, Experience. Graphic dentistry passages notwithstanding, Experience is one of my favorite books about writing. The pencil mark is someone else’s and should be ignored. I had scanned this quote years ago to e-mail to a despondent writer friend, which is why I happen to have it around.