great book purge #2: they go to a better place

You may remember my prior post about the challenges of weeding my home library. One of the particular obstacles was H.’s and my truly epic collection of film criticism, including such winning titles as the one pictured above. What a jacket!* Because we had been amassing these film books for so long, it was hard to let them go, even Hard Bodies. I imagine one would feel the same way about an epic collection of salt shakers or thimbles. In any case, we packed up all the film books first and brought them down to donate to our local branch of the New York Public Library. Our highest hopes for them were that they would be sold for maybe $.50 – $1.00 a piece in a Used Books Sale, and as such, make some small contribution to my most beloved NYPL. But, something even better happened! Looking through our bags, the crafty librarian asked H. if these were “all film books?” Yes, he said. And then, the librarian replied, that since they were all film books, she was going to send them to the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center because maybe they would have some use for them there. This, of course, made us ridiculously happy because even though we were getting rid of them, we had still loved them. These books had lived in dorms, awful apartments, somewhat nicer apartments, and now they were going to Lincoln Center! I felt like a proud parent, sending a child into the world. I did. Seriously. I really am attached to my books.**
*Though we are not entirely certain, we both think that this gem came from Buck-A-Book in Massachusetts — does anyone remember Buck-A-Book? Most books there were one dollar. Except for the ones that were not — which always bothered me, as do Dollar Stores where some things do not cost a dollar. But I digress.
**Many, many thanks to that observant librarian!