japanese memoirs miscellany

The Japanese language movie of my book, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, is coming out next month in, appropriately enough, Japan.* (If this last sentence doesn’t make sense to you: www.gabriellezevin.blogspot.com/2008/12/tokyo-story-1-writing-life-4-japanese.html )

Here’s a picture Hans took of the poster in Shibuya Station:

I don’t have a scan of the poster by itself, but, if you look really closely, you’ll recognize the image on the poster as the scene from the book where everyone decides to dress up in all-white clothes for Heaven Prom. Oh, wait, that wasn’t in the book?!? Actually, this is just an image created for the poster — as far as I know, the movie itself is free of white clothes except for the suit Naomi’s father wears for his wedding.)

The short “flash” trailer:

The full-length trailer AKA the “dammit, we’re talking about tennis” version.

You can find both of the trailers and even more miscellany at the film’s official website: http://www.darekiss.com/
*The Japanese title of the movie is Dareka ga Watashi ni Kissu wo Shita which translates to Someone Kissed Me.