the writing life #7 & song for jay reatard

An interview with me about my new book, The Hole We’re In, in last week’s Publisher’s Weekly*:

In aforementioned interview, I referenced Jay Reatard, who I’m sad to report died last week at the age of twenty-nine. (I gave the interview over a month ago.) Anyway, I didn’t know Jay Reatard personally, but I was a fan of his music and we’re even using a couple of his songs on the Japanese Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac movie soundtrack. My favorite song of his is probably “No Time” which seems an appropriate title given how prolific he was and how relatively short his life.

Below, the video for the song I mentioned in the interview, “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me.” In it, Reatard is looking very Clockwork Orange-y, and I dig that about him.

*The interview is by Greg Changnon, and his questions were extremely clever and thoughtful.