Tokyo Story #2: Old News

No doubt, most interested parties have already seen these pictures, but I’ll post them here anyway.

The funny thing for me is, aside from the cast consisting of amazing Japanese actors*, pretty much all of it looks exactly like I pictured it. (Though, hey, I never specifically imagined Naomi et al as NOT Japanese either.) So yeah, we have those pesky steps! That brooding handsome dude! That short haircut! Devoted readers will note that James/Yugi rides a motorcycle in this version. You may also note the presence of a Caucasian guy in a — sigh! — trucker hat. This is Hans. (Many thanks to all who commented with well wishes by the way; we both enjoyed hearing from you!)

Incidentally, I’ve also watched a finished scene — Naomi and James/Yugi sled down the steps — and not to disparage the book, but in my opinion, it’s better than the book. Incredibly romantic.
*This too has been reported elsewhere but I’m still thrilled to report that the American cast includes Emma Roberts and Anton Yelchin.

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  1. LOL, I’m amazed my scans got back to you – I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie, whenever it hits America. Congratulations again on the movie being finished — I recently watched your first collaboration with Hans, and wow, what a movie. I love that it was a ‘talky’ movie, I miss witty conversations about nothing and everything.

  2. Hi, Saffron! Thanks for your scans — I didn’t know they were yours; Hans sent them to me so I thought they came from the production company. Alas…! Had I known, I definitely would have credited you!And I’m glad you liked Conversations! It always cracks me up when people are shocked that it’s “talky” — I’m like, it’s called “conversations”! What did you expect?Thanks again for stopping by, Gabrielle

  3. Oh, no worries. I saw the article in the cinema magazine @ the Japanese bookstore, and scanned them for the Maki fan community I’m a part of. 🙂 It’s not as if I put my name on it, so you couldn’t have known – I’m just geeky enough to recognize the raggedy edges on the scan!

  4. hey! when did the comments come on! I thought I couldn’t comment! Oh well, I can’t wait so see this movie! I really like Japanese movies, my brother is always getting them off of Netflix, we saw one called Last Quarter, it was good!Gabrielle, just so you know even though I try not favorite books because i read so many, every time someone asks me what my favorite book is, Elsewhere always pops in to my mind. Always. I loved it so much!

  5. Hi Saffron. I’m afraid I’m responsible for the scans; the ones the studio gave me were kind of washed out and yours had great colors!I’m back in LA for few days to meet with the sound guys and the visual effects team, and go to a movie premiere. Then on to NYC for picture edit. Can’t wait to get the movie out there. Maki, Yuya and Kenichi are so great and the movie is super-romantic!And by the way Hillary, Elsewhere always pops into my mind. Every day.Hans

  6. I'm always craving a really good super romantic film – and I'm even more excited now, thanks, Hans & Gabrielle! Hans, considering it's your work and the DP for getting those colors in the first place, I really had nothing to do with it. 😀 I'm glad you liked my scans though, and I'm looking forward to scanning more images from the film if I find them!

  7. you guys should totally do a Japanese version of Elsewhere! some actors who pop in my head are Mirai Shida or Narumi Riko as Liz and Mizobata Junpei or Hongo Kanata as Owen! anyways, i’m so freaken excited for this movie to come out! i adore Maki and i hope she and kenichi have lots of romantic scenes and sizzling chemistry

  8. Congrats on wrapping up the movie! I know it’ll be awhile before it comes out, but I’m still really excited. It looks like how I imagined it, too.@saffron: I think you’re the person I got the scans from, too, so thanks!

  9. Thank you for the scans! Now I can’t really wait for the movie. And to Mr.Hans, congratulations! The movie finished so fast!And Emma Roberts being casted in this film…cool! Now this demands for a Hollywood release *cough* and hopefully, international release as well *prays*- Princess

  10. Thank you for the scans. Wow I am surprised and exited that the movie has finished filming! I can’t wait to see it especially with Tegoshi and Maki!! Will be waiting for a Hollywood release (hopefully) ;]

  11. Congratulations on finishing the movie! I’m so excited to watch especially because I love all of the actors in it. Especially Tegoshi! I can’t wait to see it.

  12. Congratulations on finishing the movie! I loved the book, so I’m really looking forward to the movie! 🙂 It’s going to be amazing! I just know it. The cast is excellent, and I’m really excited to see Tegoshi act in another movie again. :DAnd yes, I’m hoping there will a be a Hollywood release too!And to Saffron, thanks for the scans! I’ve already thanked you on livejournal, but it doesn’t hurt to do it again! 😀

  13. Thank you all for the good wishes on finishing the movie. Shooting in winter is never easy, and I was amazed at the terrific professional behavior of my cast. Yuya, Kenichi and Maki were so great. Since our story is told over the international school’s school year (September to June), often the crew was bundled in coats while the actors pretended to be warm in summer outfits. I love actors; they are open and vulnerable emotionally while smiling through freezing temperatures. Amazing.

  14. The scans!The steps!I just realized I walked there too :)Today,I finally got my Memoirs PLUS Elsewhere,really big thanks to anonymous!(from the other post)The moment I opened the box I was thinking which book to read first and I suddenly started reading Elsewhere,It’s so interesting and random questions starts popping up in my head.(LOL)The scans makes me want the time to go faster!*laughs*

  15. I’ve been searching for a way to contact you, thank God for blogs and comments. lol Anyway, I’m certain you receive compliments a lot, but to one who has only just discovered your writing, I felt the compulsory need to tell you just how amazing I thought you were. I bought “Elsewhere” today, and finished reading it just now (almost midnight). The story is original, refreshing, and somehow real despite it’s fantastical nature. Furthermore, I’m highly impressed by your style of writing! It’s not every day I come across a good book with a writing style that is both intelligent and easy to read. I’ll be purchasing ALL of your other books and reading them as well… as soon as I can afford, so one at a time for awhile. lol Thanks for sharing your story,Shai

  16. hi Gabrielle, thanx for the scans. and i finally finished reading the book, it’s awesome! i could picture the cast while i read it, i hope i can see the movie too.and on personal note, i was surprised to see Bali was included. too see something about Indonesia in your book made me so happy. thank : which character that Emma Roberts would play? Alice or Winnie? *i’m so curious*

  17. I remember that scene in the commercial. Anton has blonde hair! Nice. Looks like Nakashita Kioku is getting more press. A lot of the actor’s fans are really hoping for a US release.Hope editing and post production goes well, Hans!

  18. So excited for the movie! Even though I don’t know any Japanese…thank goodnes for subtitles, right? I just read Margarettown and — wow. It was absolutely STUNNING. I loved half the time you had an unreliable narrator that you want so dearly to be telling the truth (I especially love how N. lied about his uncle’s death and how his sister really wasn’t related to him.) And then there was the part in the womb with Ian and Jane and then Jane ends up liking a guy named Ian…I could probably talk more about it but there really was nothing wrong with the book at all because it was a MASTERPIECE and I don’t want to hog the comments…But really, it was beautiful. The kind of book that makes you sad when you’re done and depresses you when you wonder “how can I ever write anything NEARLY as good as this?”

  19. To Ms. Gabrielle:I got my Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac copy from my dad’s help.I love Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac! I love Will/ Mirai, its not because Tegoshi Yuya [which is is one of my idol] is the one playing it. I really love your Will’s character.I can’t wait to see the trailer and the movie, of course.I hope this would be a worldwide/ international release, so us, Filipino fans would be able to watch it.And I love super romantic movies. I’m glad that this would come out into one. Thank you.I’m continuing reading Elsewhere.To Saffron: Thank you for the scans!!!

  20. Actually I was wondering…does anyone know if Kenichi Matsuyama has any English-speaking lines in this movie. Does he know English, anyways?

  21. @sara ~ From my knowledge, none of the Japanese actors cast as the main characters know (fluent) English. Perhaps they had to learn some for the movie (and if they did, chances are is that their English will have a heavy accent lol).

  22. I don’t know if I’m being dumb because despite all my efforts I just can’t figure out how to comment on your latest entry, or if you actually have disabled comments for some reason. Anyway, “Jag minns inte varför jag älskar dig” translates into “I don’t remember why I love you”.- Laura

  23. Sorry, I´m leaving my comment here, but my computer is a little bit weird. The translation of “Jag minns inte varför jag älskar dig” is “I don´t remember why I love you”. I think the reson for it being son different from the english title mainly is because there just is no word for “amnesiac” in swedish 🙂

  24. OH goodness Ms.Gabrielle, I read you book and thought it was great, & what's even greater is how you have all my favortie japanese actors/actress in the movie.I'm so excited for the movie, I could throw a chicken at a wall.

  25. I can't believe it!!!I bought the book not long ago because I thought it looked so good! I didn't even have the time to read it and learned that there a movie of it with my favorite actors starring in it! I am so looking forward to the movie. Will it be released on DVD or in cinema? I want to know where I can watch it!

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