What Gabrielle Does When Not Blogging

Very occasionally, I write books.

Because I’m terrible at synopsizing my own work, I give you the deal posting from PUBLISHER’S LUNCH, brought to you by my Internet friend and fellow writer, Joelle Anthony.*

Gabrielle Zevin’s THE HOLE WE’RE IN, about three decades in the life of a downwardly mobile family of five, and their unique struggles with credit card debt, ambition, materialism, rationalization, denial and the war in Iraq, to Lauren Wein at Grove/Atlantic, by Douglas Stewart at Sterling Lord Literistic (NA).

Boy, that sounds serious, right? And awfully grown up-ish. Right now, the avid Gabrielle Zevin may be asking him- or herself, Where are the talking dogs, Gabrielle?

Alas, despite having the word “children” in the title, the new book is, like my first novel MARGARETTOWN, for adults. In any case, I’ll definitely be talking about it more in the months to come. In terms of content, the book ought to be fine for most of my readers who are sixteen or up. And it is definitely fine for parents and librarians. For my younger readers, don’t lose heart — you’ll be old some day — sooner than you think — and I’m also nearly done with a book for you, too.**

Re: the photograph. Hans took it at Heathrow where apparently they’ve begun selling books in vending machines. You’ll notice that the machine sports an admirably diverse array of authors! Louis Sachar! Zadie Smith! Jeffrey Deaver! Sudoku! All living together without regard for genre distinctions or age classifications or tedious organizing principles! It’s like a snack machine with Snickers and potato chips and sushi and pizza and buffriedos and cardboard! Mmm, delicious! It is my great dream to one day have a book featured in a snack machine.


*I’m a fan of Joelle’s disturbingly comprehensive list of YA novel cliches. I think I’ve done just about all of them.

**For those who absolutely cannot wait for more Gabrielle Zevin content, I have a longish short story in the anthology, LOVE IS HELL, which is now available for pre-order. LOVE IS HELL also has stories by Justine Larbalestier, Melissa Marr, Laurie Faria Stolarz, and Scott Westerfeld — all excellent young adult content generators indeed. Say, have you heard of that book where the ordinary clumsy girl falls for the sparkly, vaguely obsessive vampire dude? (I think it’s just starting to catch on.) My story is a bit inspired by that whole thing.