Gabrielle Settles the Question

The most popular question I am asked by readers, both young and old, is whether I believe in Elsewhere. Whether I think that, when we die, we go to a place where we age backwards until we are born again. The simple answer is I don’t. As I’ve said many times, I wrote ELSEWHERE because I wanted to write about the things that matter to me in this life, the life we are in, and the only life I know for certain. I wanted to write a story that talked about the essential questions of life: as I see it, how do we continue to love when we know we will surely lose? Why is it worth it to BE in this life when, eventually, everyone you love and everyone who loves you will one day be gone? ELSEWHERE was my attempt to answer those questions, and my answer is that a life consists of many beautiful and small moments, and one most be conscious and grateful for all of them as much as possible
I think many of you will know that the other reason I wrote ELSEWHERE is for my dog. A character based on her begins the book and well (SPOILER ALERT!) appears again.
My dog died today. She was a wonderful companion to me — every book I’ve written (4 and 1/2) she sat on my lap and I really don’t know if I’ll know how to write a book without her there. For the record, I don’t think she is in Elsewhere, but some tiny, tiny part of me likes to think that she might be.