Brief Interview with Self #2: Identity Crisis Edition

Q: Why are you no longer called The Reluctant Blogger?
A: Well, Self, I’m so glad you asked that. The main reason is that there were many reluctant bloggers blogging reluctantly already:

“posting sporadically since 2005”
The Reluctant Blogger #2
“when writer’s block strikes a poor but honest and hard-working mystery author”
“thoughts.Serialize(); //TODO Refactor into something meaningful”
“I’m a homeschooling mom of three. Married to my wonderful, musical husband for 14 years, Dennis”
“Tales of a Busy Mommy Learning to Stop and Smell the Roses”
“i came, i wrote, you read”
Diary of a Reluctant Blogger
“navigates the world of social media and looks for innovation and strategic imagination within the association / non-profit industry.”
“…her knitting trials, travails and triumphs… Warning: This is not a cat-free zone.”

And this is just the first page of Google.

So many of us.

So much reluctance.
And, I couldn’t, in good conscience, call myself THE RELUCTANT BLOGGER. At best, I’d be A RELUCTANT BLOGGER. And I ask You (or Me, I suppose): what do You really have to contribute to the Canon of Reluctance?

So, that’s why this blog is now called…

you know, whatever it says up there at the top.
(However, I remain reluctant.)